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The right way of customizing multi-tier platform rack and display stand

Think back to the romantic film and TV drama you've seen, the hero and the heroine went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. with a melodious violin sound came out of a handsome waiter pushed the fine dining car.

After dinner, it`s about time to have a high tea, where they are served macaroons, tea sandwiches, and petit fours on a towering, 3-tiered plate?

That`s all, you’re probably aware of just how much can fit on these types of stands. So, how can you make the transition from tabletop to storefront? Funny you should ask…

we’ve taken the liberty of outlining the many ways you can use a multi-tierrack in your retail?store?layout.

Advantages of multi-tier rack :

Before we get to the how of a tiered display, let’s talk about the why.

First of all, these types of retail displays maximize the use of space in your store. You’re building up, not out.

Secondly, tiered displays can make restocking a breeze. Instead of running to the back room to grab more merchandise, often you can just shift the products up a layer, or take some out from the tier you use as storage.

Finally, they’re also ideal for easily separating products by size, and their durability means they can hold a lot of a product.

How to maximize your multi-Tier Design

1.custom plan

If you intend to customize tiered display stands in a professional company, you can ask their designers to widen the bottom of displays, by doing which ,it helps to increase the stability of products and improve the visual effect, the expended areas from the bottom can also place some other products.

2. floor display stand

If you’re using a 3-tier stand as a part of your floor display, there are tons of different ways you can go. you can have 3 shelves that are all mostly equal in height and width. Keep in mind that depending on the product, you can make the stand out of a wide variety of materials: acrylic, cardboard, wood, metal, even found objects!

3.Clear Out Excess Stock

Remember when you were younger, and you would move the food you didn’t want to eat around on your plate, so it would look like there was less left to eat? The same rule of thumb applies to mutil-tierstands. Chucking excess stock into a display bin not only makes the products more difficult for customers to sort through, it also looks like there’s more of the product left to sell – which could make it appear undesirable.

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Tel: 0086-769-82009696 
Add: 7/F, Building 8, Haiyong Science & Technology Park, Fenggang, Dongguan
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