Why will acrylic appear crack after silkscreen?

Why there are a lot of small cracks appeared after acrylic with silk screen a period of time, it will not effect the appearance but also feel not good.

There are several factors for the cracks, first is the bad material, the another is ink’s quality. If because of the bad material, we can find a piece we did silk screen before the remaining leftover crack, to judge, using the same ink, if will not appear crack, we can confirm that the material is no t good. Maybe with too much water, you can try the acrylic sheet baking temperature 60 degrees 30 minutes in the screen printing.

If still with crack, it must because of the ink. Because acrylic effected by solvent corrosion, will cause the cracking phenomenon.so if the use of ink is not applicable, such as toluene, solvent ink, may make the acrylic sheet cracks after screen printing. The crack can be used when no problems before printing ink (different color silk screen printing ink), whether the problem quickly, reduce the time and avoid the waste of materials.

In addition to, as plate electrostatic dust, in the screen printing or fill in the paint before the use of suede with soap and water or 1% soft cloth to wipe clean, in order to achieve the cleaning effect. It is very important to acrylic board printing, select the kind of quality is better, especially for the display stand products, acrylic products, the appearance of transparency requirements are very high. The ink is relatively better, and ink quality directly affect the appearance.

Tips for custom mobile phone display customers

Mobile phone is electronic products, to be replaced very fast, So people of mobile phone consumption level has nearly reached like sleep need bed, especially young people is the largest consumer of mobile phone, China’s mobile phone consumption market is very strong consumption power,hence so energetic products, of course, will use display.

The main mission of mobile phone display cabinet is “use the most effective display to improve consumer access to effective information”. From the designer’s vision and experience, when making mobile phone display, some important contents and display style always beignored, see below:

First, unique image design is important, but coordinated to the environment is more critical.The biggest motivation is that you like it when determined to pay for the goods, then mobile phone how to attract the attention of customer? First of all, the matter is the transparent part of display should be attractive, high transparency; second is designer should consider the coordination of other arrangement in display, it will seriously affect the customer experience value of the cell phone information.

Second, material should be good, the key point is the transparent glass, because contact degree is quite high, must use tempered glass or acrylic. Then the inside color of these part, we should choose glossy white to foil the color of the phone, if with luxurious decoration for the inside of transparent part, can heighten integral effect of the mobile phone display case.


What’s problem phone accessory display design should pay attention to?

A lot of display design or too much pay attention to the function to ignore the beauty, or too much pay attention to the publicity to ignore the display effection.To reach function and beauty unification is not much, so how to solve this problem?

First, function design

Display function is how it display products? If used to put product, such as, cup, beverage etc., display design usually in the form of tray or shelf board. But for packaging products, such as headphones, glasses, etc., this kind of products usual packed with bags or have angle, to reach the display function bette, display design tend to design some hooks, illustrate these products because the display should designed based on the propertises and existing way of products. The propperty of celll phone display are : veriety, mall and moderate price etc., these elements constitutes the main factors of its display design.

Veriety: veriety products make the products looks disordered, therefore the display should not design shelf board, that is not a better way to show the accessory, the best way is use hooks. Hooks make the products hang on the display in order, same as hanging clothing, if put too close certainly will influence the visual effection.

Second is the beauty

Pop display is different to goods shelf, cell phone accessories display also pay attention to beautiful. Especially the display made by two kind of material as attachedshould pay attention to reasonable collocation, the metal let people feel not enough fashion, join the acrylic or PVC can remedy the disadvantages of the metal.PVC is not durable, but metal frame will transfer the delicate feeling of PVC effectively.

It is not enough only with this collocation, PVC can effectively show the beauty of a variety of colors, and cell phone accessories are variety, different advertising terms and logo can all be shown, the process can also be easier.

Last, customer’s another concern is price, custom products are different with retail products, and the most important is good design, because it will can bring more interest to the customer

Practical mobile phone accessions display rack

There are many kinds of mobile phone accessories, head phones, mobile power, protective film, protective case and some decorations. There are many different kinds of accessories, the management is very complex, so the seller will use some mobile phone accessories rack. So how to design this kind of display rack? And what problems can be solved?

If you do not understand the case, you might think, so many different kinds of goods, I should design a functional complex of display rack, so that it’s can show so many products? In fact, you just need to have one display like this. See below picture, this is a double-sided floor display rack. In generally, floor display should not too small. Many products need just need to put on large display, so that can meet the request of seller.

metal display racks

Of course, the displays is designed based on customer needs. Double-sided display is more practical than the single display. First, it with good balance. Then, it can show more products. For designer, they should take care of the life and daily maintenance to save cost and time for customer. Wire frame is the best choice, it’s durable and with long-looking, and also easier for maintenance. Since it is dedicated mobile phone accessories display rack, it should not less of brand design.

Therefore, the designer choose the most simple way, the brand is printed on the header. In the way, the mobile phone accessories wire rack is with more of a sense of beauty.

How to properly use cosmetic display rack?

Not only cosmetics stores are using cosmetic display, but also now many families are beginning to use cosmetics display or display box, because various types of cosmetics are increased gradually, in order to organize cosmetics and keep table top clean and tidy, a small display is necessary, no matter it is display stand or display box. How to properly use them to get beautiful effect?

Take the display shown in below picture as an example. First, let’s focus on the display design, you can see, here are lots of dividers to organize various jewelries, cosmetics and brushes, these dividers can organize each item clean and orderly.

cosmetic acrylic display box

The first layer is to organize bigger items, such as cream, eye shadow etc.

The second one is an inter layer, we can see here are many small items, such as lipstick, nail polish, lipstick and so on are all placed tidy and orderly.

The third layer, this is a special layer for ladies to place earrings, necklaces and other accessories.

Also here is one customize area to hold cosmetic brushes.

Cosmetic display racks are placed in stores, not only can display all kinds of cosmetics systematically, but also can highlight various beautiful cosmetics colors through this transparent acrylic display stand.

From above all, in our ordinary life, cosmetics display box can help us to organize cosmetics and jewelries tidy and orderly.

A skill to enhance metal display stand’s level

Compared with wood and acrylic display stand, metal display stands do not have clean fashion style. It will be more old-fashioned in single color. In order to look like more flexible, designers are try to design metal display stand into wire style. But make it flexible is not enough, it is can’t be delay to enhance metal display stand’s level.

There is always a header, as product’s symbol, on common wire display stand. But it could not advertise well only in a header. So designer think of replacing header with video display.

wire metal display racks

Video can completely describe product, and also have properly picture, clear sound. With them will help customer know products well and promote sale. The most important is that there is not strong strengths of metal display stand to attract customers, but after replacing with video display, customer will learn product’s features as fast as possible, and display look higher end. It is not only a PVC advertising board without voice and dynamics pictures, which is hard to attract customers.

Try to imagine, How ordinary table wire display stand, shown as picture, will be if without video display, but it increase a level and worth more after adding this video display.


Design toys display rack easily

We may think toys display stand should be very cute for meeting style of toys. Actually,toys display rack can be very simple.

As picture, this is simple wire display rack and many hooks in the rack. We can use simple display rack to reflect beauty of toys. So, the effect of display rack is better if it is more simple.

toys display rack

Please do not worry that this display rack can not attract customers. This display rack have four shelves and can display different toys. Toys can be full of hooks as they are not very heavy. The character can be fully showed as this display rack is very simple.

Also, it can be used in many ways as it do not have fixed brand. This black wire display stand is durable and convenience.

How to design a belt holder?

Go to the mall or clothing store we see a belt is to be rolled up on the storage box inside. This does save a lot of space and are aware of the belt is characterized by long, laid out really is not the most rational way. But the circle in the storage box can not necessarily see the customer, how to solve this problem?

Since the belt will be rolled out space, then the belt hang together?

belt holder,belt display racksThe figure is a belt display, showing the way to hang up the belt. Benefit is not only a comprehensive display of each belt; but compelling, imagine all the many belt hangs high up, who would ignore it?

Also, maybe a lot of people would consider that a belt hanging so high will not inconvenience the guests pick? This will test whether the display design is reasonable? In fact, this exhibition stands have the most user-friendly design, the one that can be freely retractable hanging bracket. As a result, not only to take care of all the guests, but also facilitate the sales staff management products.

Many people may doubt that such a display rack can cause customers noticed? Not beautiful enough fashion. In fact, we use the ultimate goal or product features exhibition stands to show up, as Chin Mei pretty, is not the most important factor. Too beautiful display rack but will cover the advantages of the product itself, so that customers cause visual confusion.

How to innovate for jewelry display racks?

There will be often a series of new products in jewelry store, to keep its unity and also display the new products, The existing display rack does not make affect at this moment, so how to design the display rack based on a series of products?

Option 1:

countertop jewelry racks

Combination display rack, this is the most commonly used jewelry, you can put all kinds of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. Then show a set of new products to customers with fresh and clean feelings.

During the designing, a combination of display rack are usually depends on the size of jewelry products, a display rack corresponds to a product.

The color of display rack also needs to be unified. In addition, a combination display rack is made from some small displays, so it does not allow any one of them is missed when displaying, otherwise the aesthetics should be affect by this.

Option 2:

Rotating acrylic jewelry display racks

Some jewelry store main a kind of product. For example, necklace, it’s not suitable to use a combination display rack. In below picture, it is a display which especially for showing necklaces. It is a round display rack. To make people can see different styles at one time, the display rack customized as a rotated display. There are some hangers inside the cylinder, can hang the necklace in the display rack in order.

This kind of jewelry display stand is not hard than normal, and the design style is not very special.

How to design retail candy display rack?

Retail stores or supermarkets will put all kinds of candy, because many types are various brands of candy put together. If you simply placed on the supermarket shelves, it is difficult to increase sales of a certain candy, then how will it highlights it?

Countertop candy display rack

Countertop display rack suitable for display in retail stores, the store’s counter, or next to the supermarket checkout. Because guests traveling very much, they will hit the exhibition, so I chose the ruggedness of the display rack is always expedient.

Candy is not always high temperature, choose the form of display rack ventilation is most appropriate. So many supermarkets will choose this metal wire frame, for aesthetics, designers will join PVC back as an advertising board, the first card of the main function is to attract more people’s attention. This design will ease the stiff metal sense, so beautiful enough to display rack.

candy racks

Ground wire candy display rack

Floor candy display rack is usually used for promotional, various supermarkets, holiday promotions. This is the time when the most important thing, so be bold enough to display rack, innovative enough, so the color display rack design not effect the figure candy display rack choose red and black back, this classic colors may not be obvious, but give the look bring a good visual effect. The second is the functional design of exhibition stands, exhibition stands the figure is divided into a number of laminates, the benefits of this design is to allow children, adults can get the candy, the shortest layer is taken into account that the height of children.

wire candy display rack

Whether countertop display rack or landing, because the production of the show is not the same, exhibition stands to show the form will be different.