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Answer the Most Questions of Customer Consultation -- the Price of the Display Frame

Many partners in the same industry have found one thing in common, that is, what is the price ofthe display frame is the most of the customer consultation.The price of the display frame to customize the industry is really difficult to give in a short time.For customers who don't know much about the industry, they often don't know their exact needs,so we need to help the customer understand his own needs.Customers who often know their purchasing intentions can provide materials, processes,quantities and other requirements of the display rack, and provide drawings, so that we can offer quotations in a short time.

Actually, the price of the display rack is made up of a very clear system. Responsy has a professional quotation team. They have 13 years’ experience of quotation in the exhibition rack industry, you can choose to cooperate with us, and we will provide you with the most intimate service and the most accurate quotation.

The price of thedisplay frame is calculated according to the scientific basis of the following,and also has some advantages over the offer of some other places.

1.The first is the cost of materials, which is the most basic fee we all recognize.Products are madeof materials. The materials are high-end and low-grade. This is based on your personal economic strength and choice. There is no doubt that the cost of choosing high end material will be higher.

2.The next is the design cost, this is dispensable, if you have your own design drawings, then this cost is not necessary to produce.But if you need our company's design service,we will charge you a design fee. Our company's design fee is superior to other companies. If you need, you can consult our customer service or send us an

3.Labor cost. To produce large quantities of goods, we need the centralized production of workshop workers. The labor cost in China is lower than that in other countries, so you can choose to cooperate with Chinese suppliers.

4.Transportation cost, the last link of transaction, will bring a certain cost to deliver the goods to the customer. If you have a large number, the express fee is relatively cheaper.

5.The basic profits, the display frame customization is the manufacturing industry,and the display rack manufacturers are numerous and competitive, so the display rack industry takes the market price, service and quality, so the profit of thedisplay rack industry is much lower than that of other industries.

If you have someunderstanding of something you want to get in touch with it more deeply, now that you have some initial understanding of the price-setting of the display industry, If you need a display to promote your brand one day, whether you areworking with us or not, I hope this article will help you.

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Tel: 0086-769-82009696 
Add: 7/F, Building 8, Haiyong Science & Technology Park, Fenggang, Dongguan
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