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Responsy Annual Meeting of 2018

The busy 2017 is pass by, and the expected 2018 comes to us.The New Year is pregnant with new goals and hopes,respony held the 2018 annual meeting,responsy’s colleagues,partners, leaders at all levels have a joyous gathering.

After the happy group photo is the leadership made a speech, the leadership placed the company's deep expectations,she hope that everybody can work with enthusiasm to create good achievements for the 2018 of the company.In the past year, the company's membership has increased by more than half,the equipment has been upgrade and increased, the sales are also growing.This is a good result that gain from the hard work of the company's staff and the strong support of the partners.

Next is the award presentation taches, the winners of the lucky peoplerely on their sweat and efforts, step by step to get everyone's approval.Some of them have contributed five years of youth to the company, and never leave.Some people take big orders with their professional business level, creating rich returns for the company.All of these rewards are dedication to them, and hope that all people take them as an example,to create good performance for the company, to create good service for customers.

The most exciting part came, the company gave us a very good opportunity to show ourselves and show the team.Everyone dreams of having their own stage, in the beautiful spotlight,we do our best to show ourselves.Let the audience see our most shiny moment.Besides work, we can sing,dance, play guitar, read aloud with expression, acting and so on.In fact, the audience often have such a sigh, I work with him such longtime, I did not know that he’s singing is so nice.

The last is the draw a lottery or raffle, and the part of the highestdegree of heat, because no one knows who will be the next prize.With the five prize, the four prize, the three prize, the two, and the first prize, the high tide of the annual meeting has been raised.The lucky ones who were drawn in the jackpot were overjoyed. Some ofthem were partners, some were factory workers and some were office workers.What is a very warm scene?Although our partners were awarded the prize, they contributed generously.Let our employees draw the prize once again, this move makes us very touched.I hope that this kind of cooperation and friendship can be passed down all the time.The interactionand exciting lottery of the company's leadership and staff,let the singing, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue.

With the introduction of the above Annual Meeting, I believe you haveseen that we are not only a company, but also a large, united and beloved family, where we provide our customers with the same home-like service.2018 is a new beginning, we look to the future, and make the responsible, professional and efficient display stand. Our aim is toprovide quality products and services to our customers. It is true to chooseus, choose us is to counterpart with the high quality.

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Tel: 0086-769-82009696 
Add: 7/F, Building 8, Haiyong Science & Technology Park, Fenggang, Dongguan
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