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RESPONSY Display January 2018 Age Activities——Debate Competition

Debating contest is a kind of contest which debates on a certain issue by both sides. Itis actually a related knowledge contest, a contest of thinking ability and aspeech contest, which is also a matter of comprehensive ability competition.

Today,the company has a fierce debate, choosing the person I love vs to choosesomeone who loves me.

Before the start of the game, we first made an important statement: the competitionsecond, the friendship first.

positive side

Since even you choose the food and clothes by you like, why do not choose the personyou love?

negative side

Choose the person who loves you is more to feel the happiness of being loved, when you go home, there is delicious meals, warm feet wash water waiting for you, thatis the real life of the better.

positive side

Thereare too many choices in life we are beyond our control, and the feeling is that we have the right to choose completely, why not listen to the purest and most simple idea that come from your heart?

negative side

It is hard to choose the people you love, and the choice of the people who love youis full of warmth.

Looking at the competitors makes me feel that even if you are away from the work debate,you will be in a serious and responsible way.

Sparks splashed between the two sides, lips and war of words, you come to me to each other. At the free debate, the supporters who stood by for a long time finallyfound the opportunity to speak and stood up one after another to express theiropinions.

Love is sacred in everyone's heart, weighing the pros and cons is really a bit confused. However, humans have always been such a complex animal, even in the face of the most favorite ice cream will tangle taste.

Which side did you ask me to win? Let me tell you, the right side of the picture is the opposite, congratulations on the negative side won the debate victory.

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Tel: 0086-769-82009696 
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